Thursday, March 31, 2022

An X1.3 Flare and a Cool View of Plasma Leaving the Sun

On March 30, 2022, active region 12975 was the site of an X1.3 flare. Here is the daily movie in AIA 171 from that day. AR 12975 is in the upper right quadrant to the right of the far more impressive looking coronal loops above AR 12976.

During the day we adjusted the fine guidance telescope, which causes the images to bounce a little bit. The flare starts at 17:26 UTC and ends at 17:46 UTC. What I found cool about this flare was the lass of plasma just south of the flare site. Here are two stills from the movie.

On the left the arrow points at some haze in the AIA 171 image. In the right image the arrow points at about the same place (there is a bright streak just to the right to get you oriented), but the image is less hazy where plasma has left the Sun.

The material that left the Sun isn't all that close to the flare. But you can see in the movie that the haze goes away just after the flare. Look at the movie a few times and you will see the haze disappear.

There is also an excellent coronal cavity display at about 4 o'clock on the limb. These cavities are usually much slower in their evolution.

It is already a great Solar Cycle!