Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Maneuvers and Beakman

SDO has performed maneuvers the past two Wednesdays. The EVE cruciform on April 8 and the field of view rasters on April 15.

Today SDO was featured in Beakman Jax in the Washington Post and Annapolis Capital. Check it out at You Can with Beakman and Jax website. Look for the April 19, 2015 strip.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SDO is Back in Science Mode

SDO returned to science mode at 1534 UTC (11:34 a.m. ET). The high-gain antennas were configured for the remainder of day today through the high-gain antenna handover tonight. The HMI roll maneuver will wait until we understand what happened last night.

Many thanks to the FOT and ACS teams for recovering SDO and getting the data flowing again!

SDO is Almost Back to Normal

SDO is now pointing at the Sun with one high-gain antenna returning science data. The other high-gain antenna is pointing in the wrong direction and engineers are working on the best way to move it to the correct direction. Science data is flowing to the SOCs but interruptions may occur as the observatory is returned to the proper state.

SDO Offline

Last night at 0551 UTC (0152 a.m. ET), as SDO began the scheduled roll calibration maneuver, the ACS went into Sun-acquisition mode. SDO remains in that mode while the engineers look for the cause. The spacecraft is stable and in contact with the SDO MOC. Science data is not being taken at this time. Updates will be posted when available.