Thursday, November 5, 2015

See SDO 4k Movies and Projected over Dublin

Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) is running a campaign in Dublin called City of Physics, showing the city of Dublin the beauty of physics. For their opening nights at the end of October, they projected images from the SDO instrument onto a city centre building. A short video is available to show the reaction of people in the city is at Check out the undergraduate students busy talking to Dubliners about SDO.

When SDO was launched TVs were displaying 720p resolution. In the five years since we have seen TV screens at 1080p and now UltraHD (3840 pixels by 2160 pixels.) This means we can show half of the Sun in full SDO resolution on commercially available screens. As a result, NASA has released a new of 4k ultra-HD movies of SDO imagery. These are also on YouTube. But to get the full impact of the UltraHD resolution you need to download the movies from SVS website.

The SDO webpage also has a list of UltraHD movies. We are planning to start releasing daily UltraHD movies.

If only UltraHD allowed us to show the entire disk of the Sun at the native resolution of the SDO imagers! But that must await the next generation of screens.