Tuesday, June 28, 2022

JSOC Power has been Restored

Power has been restored to Stanford University and all of the components of the JSOC have been turned on. Near-realtime data has been flowing for a day. The science data pipeline will beginning serving data as soon as possible.

Lunar Transit on June 29, 2022

Tomorrow, June 29, 2022, the Moon will transit the Sun between 0519 and 0554 UTC (01:19 and 1:54 am ET). At its peak the Moon will cover about 67% of the Sun. SDO science data will be unavailable during the transit.

Here's a movie of the transit from the SDO Flight Operations Team.

This transit occurs while SDO is in the midnight sector of its orbit. That means the motions of the Moon and SDO combine to make this a short transit, lasting about 35 minutes.


Thursday, June 23, 2022

Momentum Management Maneuver (Delta-H) #44 Yesterday

SDO executed Momentum Management Maneuver (Delta-H) #44 yesterday. Between 1945 UTC (3:30 pm ET) and 2015 UTC (4:15 pm) on 22-Jun-2022 SDO science data may be missing or blurred.

Power Still Out at Stanford

The power is still out at the Stanford University building that houses the AIA/HMI JSOC. AIA and HMI data will be unavailable until power is restored. This outage is apparently due to a wildfire near Palo Alo, CA, that brought down the main power lines into the area. The downlinked data is being stored at SDO's White Sands ground station. Once power is restored that data will be transmitted to the JSOC and made available for study.
EVE data is still available at the EVE SOC.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Data Outage

HMI and AIA data are temporarily unavailable. A widespread power outage has closed the Stanford campus that hosts the SDO Data Center.