Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Showers Bring May Scholars

During April 2016 we celebrated the entry of four Ph. D.'s into the research community. A record number of four graduate students received their Ph.D.s in April 2016 for research that used SDO data. Their dissertations will join the 27 that have already appeared over the life of the SDO Project.

Tim Larson, Stanford University, Global-Mode Helioseismology: Extensions of a Well-Used Method;

Ed Thiemann, University of Colorado, Multi-Spectral Sensor Driven Solar EUV Irradiance Models with Improved Spectro-Temporal Resolution for Space Weather Applications at Earth and Mars;

James Mason, University of Colorado, Solar Eruptive Events: Coronal Dimming and a New Cubist Mission; and

Nishu Karna, George Mason University, A Comprehensive Study of Cavities on the Sun: Structure, Formation, and Evolution.

Congratulations to each new Ph.D. Try to enjoy not being a student!