Wednesday, March 9, 2016

100,000,000 Images from HMI!

Here is the 100,000,000th image seen by HMI! It was snapped yesterday (March 8) at 0453 UTC (11:53 pm ET on March 7). Unlike the 100,000,000th AIA image we talked about last year, most people don't look at the individual HMI images. HMI images are processed and manipulated to make Dopplergrams and magnetograms.

My congratulations to the Stanford and LMSAL team that built and now run the HMI instrument. The Dopplergrams, magnetograms, and intensitygrams that we see everyday are the result of their excellent work. They are used by space weather forecasters around the world to track what the Sun is doing. The Dopplergrams have been used to look at how material moves around deep inside the Sun's convection zone.

Another 100,000,000 HMI images please!