Thursday, November 11, 2010

SDO Weekly Report for November 11, 2010

The second HGA handover season ended on November 1. Operations went smoothly throughout this handover season and another Lunar Transit on 11/6. The data capture completeness for October was 99.94% for all three Instruments. Only rain on DOY 278, a spacecraft station-keeping maneuver on DOY 279, and the HMI Roll calibration on DOY 285 kept us from 100%.

The Inertial/Science mode pointing test was run on Wednesday, 11/10 between 1800 to 1830 UTC. This tested the STOL procedure that redefines the target attitude to minimize the attitude shift between Science and Inertial modes is minimized. This will benefit future Lunar Transit operations.

The "Sun as an Andy Warhol Poster," made from an AIA image, can be seen in the background of an episode of The Big Bang Theory on CBS, with a short clip on Youtube.