Friday, August 13, 2010

Everything running normally

The SDO team works hard to keep the images and data flowing to this and other websites. Software is needed to move and analyze the images; sometimes that software breaks. Hardware is needed to host and serve the images; sometimes we lose power to a computer. We have experienced several outages the last two weeks during which the images were not available. After the outages were fixed, software was written to reconstruct the images missing from this website from the JSOC in California. We are also working to make the system more robust.

My thanks to the people who keep the data flowing.

Today we have all the images flowing correctly and the movies working. Check out a day's worth of Dopplergrams. Or what happened at about 0600 UTC this morning.

These images in 171 (left) and 304 (right) show a very nice filament eruption in the lower right limb of the Sun. The 304 bandpass is cooler material and we often see eruptions in that channel. The 171 bandpass is hotter material (about 1 million K) and is less common in the erupting material. You can see the plasma in motion by looking at the daily movies for August 13 or through our Browse Data page.