Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SDO First Light news coverage

Here are some recent news articles written about SDO's First Light:

  1. CNN - NASA unveils new images of the sun

  2. Popular Science - NASA Reveals Solar Dynamics Observatory's First Fiery Images

  3. - 'Spectacular' First Images from New Solar Observatory Released

  4. Wired - New Space Telescope Delivers First Mind-Blowing Video of the Sun

  5. BBC News - Nasa's Solar Dynamics Observatory returns first images

  6. KOLD News - New solar satellite now live, online

  7. CBC News - NASA shows 1st images from solar observatory

  8. Discovery News - Diving Deep into a Solar Prominence (SDO First Light) : Big Pic

  9. 9 News Colorado - NASA shows 1st images from solar observatory

  10. NASA Science News - First Light for the Solar Dynamics Observatory

  11. Fox News - NASA Releases Stunning Images of the Sun

  12. CBS News - NASA Solar Observatory Shines Spotlight on Sun

  13. ABC News - NASA Shows 1st Images From Solar Observatory

  14. National Geographic Pictures

  15. Information Week - First HD Images Of The Sun Captured

  16. MSNBC - 'Spectacular' sights come from solar probe

  17. New Scientist - 'Rings of fire' erupt from sun in NASA probe's first videos

  18. Scientific American - NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory producing sun science that doubles as eye candy

  19. 20 Minuten Online - Hautnah an der Sonne

  20. Astronomy Picture of the Day

  21. Express - Staring at the Sun

  22. Ciel et Espace - Le Soleil croqué par SDO

  23. London Times - Sun is frozen in dazzling new detail

  24. 20 minutos - Las espectaculares imágenes del Sol captadas por la sonda SDO

  25. El Pais - Detalles del Sol en fotos de estreno

  26. - NASA difunde fotos nunca antes vistas del sol

  27. - La NASA difunde espectaculares fotos del sol tomadas por sonda SDO

  28. Peru 21 - Espectaculares imágenes del Sol

  29. - A Nap, ahogy még soha nem láttuk

  30. Der Spiegel - The Sun's New Light

  31. New York Times OpEd - View of the Sun

  32. CNET - Stunning new images of the sun (photos)

  33. Technology News World - NASA Observatory Sheds New Light on Sun

  34. Guardian - Nasa probe sends home dazzling pictures of the sun