Thursday, June 12, 2014

@NASA_SDO Won't Tweet Anymore

The @NASA_SDO and @NASA_SDO_EDU Twitter feeds are changing. The main feed, @NASA_SDO, has ended and traffic will be redirected to @NASASunEarth. The teacher feed, @NASA_SDO_EDU, is now being handled by people at Stanford University.

@NASA_SDO was one of the first Twitter feeds providing updates about a NASA mission. It was where the first NASA TweetUp for launch was posted. The First Light press conference was attended by several Twitter correspondents, who sent out their impressions on this feed. @NASA_SDO was where Comet Lovejoy reappeared as the Phoenix comet and where Comet ISON never even showed up. I hope the 17K followers keep up with the SDO updates on @NASASunEarth and @TheSunToday.

Many thanks to @AleyaJean for bringing Twitter to SDO! #SadToSeeItEnd