Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SDO Maneuvers for Early 2013

We have announced maneuvers and special operations for the first eight months of 2013
16-Jan-2013: EVE Cruciform
23-Jan-2013: EVE FOV & HMI\AIA Flat Field
30-Jan-2013: Delta-H #13
17-Feb-2013: Handover Season Begins
03-Mar-2013: Eclipse Season Begins
07-Mar-2013: Solar RFI (~418 seconds)
08-Mar-2013: Solar RFI (~440 seconds)
20-Mar-2013: Station Keeping Maneuver #06
25-Mar-2013: Eclipse Season Ends
10-May-2013: Handover Season Ends
06-Aug-2013: Lunar Transit (~76 minutes)
Each maneuver comes with a loss of solar pointing or interference with the radio downlink.